My Getting Scammed Story Part 1 is an experiment and a challenge for me to stay alive despite anyting and everything. I have about $17,000 in credit card debts and I am still in search for a job. Since I need to make money somehow, I started this website. I invested $45 in it wanting to prove that it is possible to build a website and make money from it in a short amount of time. As you can see, if I don’t make it, I am literally dead.

I prefer not to disclose my name at this point, as I have nothing to be proud about. I live in Florida. My adventure started when I decided to restart my life from scratch. I quit my job and I moved to a totally new city without having a place to stay. I had about $700 in my pocket. I just got on the bus and I was searching for a room to stay on Craigslist on my way.

I ran into scam after scam, BS after BS. And this is the story that I want to share with you, the person who takes it granted that you have a place to stay an probably sick and tired of your everyday 9-5 job.

So I started to look for a job, thinking this should be easy. Then I was going to find a job. This is where my first shock came. I actually found a place I liked, at a reasonable cost, on Craigslist, and I emailed the person. I got an email back that “it is a very simple process, follow the link”. I clicked on the link and I arrived on a site called Roomster. I was instructed to sign in with my Facebook account. No other option. What a discrimination! As I am not really from this planet, I didn’t have a Facebook account. This was really annoying.

I was at the bus station waiting to get in the bus. As I am an inventive person, I quickly signed up for Facebook, and I created an account on Roomster. Believe it or not, within tree minutes I got a notice on my screen that my Roomster account was disabled by the administrator as my Facebook account was fake. WTF!

So I opened another Facebook account (tried to be a bit more elaborate this time while I was sitting at the bus station), went back to Roomster and signed up for a new account. My second account was also banned in minutes. I WAS GETTING DISCRIMINATED BY THIS DAMNED SITE BECAUSE I WAS NOT ON FACEBOOK. Complete BS! A complete violation of my rights laid down in the constitution. I submitted a support ticket, of course I never got an answer. Of course they don’t care, they have a roof above their head and they have a bed to sleep in.

Anyways, I answered the email explaining that I ran into trouble and I really wanted the room, I had the money in my pocket for the whole month and I needed help to work this out a diferent way. I got back a message asking, “Did you fill out your profile? Send me the link.”

At the beginning I was patient, but by the time I went through the same story with 6 or 7 different people, getting the same robotic message, I was really angry. I got off the bus with the one piece of luggage I had after 24 hours of traveling and I had no place to stay. And I didn’t have the luxury of spending 40 bucks a night for a motel. I emailed again to the person that has the room – hello, I have arrived, I need a room! The answer was, “Did you fill out your profile? Send me the link.” I realized that I had to give up and find a different solution.

If you are interested in finding out what happened after this and how I got scammed, join me below… also, send this story to all your friends and contacts. Also, leave a comment on what you think….this is just the start…it will escalate! The next parts are coming soon…

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