The Step by Step eBay Startup Guide

Hi, my name is Peter and I started selling on eBay with my wife Gabi on 16 February 2017. We had no jobs and we had to make money to eat, pay the rent and to pay our credit card minimum payments. Luckily my wife pushed us into this direction.

At that point we were both new to eBay, we had never even bought anything on eBay. I had to do a lot of research to figure it all out and in our first month an a half we actually did over $2000 in sales. We got up to 1-5 sales every single day.

This is what my first listings looked like:

New Polo Ralph Lauren Women V Neck T Shirt White and Pink Striped Cotton Size S

If you have a different price in mind, do not hesitate to make an offer. We will try to accommodate your request if possible. We are a family business and of course we need to cover our costs of operation, but at the same time we want you to have the product you desire. If you are uncertain if this is the right product for you, send us a message and we will be quick to answer.

Product description:

With a relaxed fit this soft V-neck T-shirt raises the bar on basics.

It’s white and pink striped with white collar. Embroided LRL logo at the left chest.

It’s 95% cotton and 5% elastane and safely machine washable.

Product details:

• Size S.

• Relaxed fit.

• V-neck.

• Short sleeves.

• 95% cotton and 5% elastane.

• Machine washable.

• Imported

Payment Policy:

Payment is through PayPal and is at the time of purchase. If this is not workable for some reason, please contact us.

Horrible, isn’t it? Would you ever buy from such a seller? First I didn’t even realize that such listings decrease sales. Click here to see how my current listings look like, and it only takes me 3 minutes to create such a listing. How it is done is fully explained in my book.

Now what you see on that page is just one datum that increases your conversion. The next thing, not included on the page you saw, is how to write your listing copy to make your product sell. You CAN get the trust of your buyer even if you are new and have almost no feedback.

The next thing that makes a huge difference is your listing’s title. You need to know which words buyers search for and these words need to be in your title. Creating your title based on this will increase the number of your listing views and your item will show up more often in buyers’ searches, increasing the opportunity to sell. This point is so important, that when I started to apply it in my listings, my products suddenly started to sell, while previously it was all dead.

The next thing you need for a successful eBay business is products to sell. If you get items that people will not buy, you will make no money. It may seem to you that you can sell anything on eBay, but that is not so. If you try to sell the incorrect items, you can get into legal trouble, you can even  get your account banned.

Also, eBay already has bargain prices. You need to be able to get your product at such a price so that you ARE competitive and you need to get products that sell. Using drop shipping companies you find on Google will not give you competitive prices.

How much time you spend acquiring your products and your cost per item directly determines your success or failure. Product sourcing is covered in detail in the book.

The next hurdle is packaging and shipping. You can lose a lot of profits if you spend too much on packing and shipping.

If your sales are slow, rather then just wait for them to pick up, you can take action to isolate what the problem is and fix it.

The book covers the following:

  • The Secret Formula to eBay Profits
  • Managing The Risks of an eBay Business
  • Seller Limits
  • Creating an Effective Title
  • Getting the Trust of Your Buyer
  • Creating a Professional Listing that sells
  • Packaging and Shipping
  • Items that Sell on eBay
  • High Risk Items
  • Product Sourcing – how to buy your inventory super cheap
  • Speeding Up Your Sales

I will share with you all the blog posts and YouTube videos that got me to the point where I am now. It will save you months of frustration, trial and error. You will also avoid spending your money on items that do not sell.

I guarantee that you will make the money you spent on this book in 6 weeks. If you buy this book and based on the data you decide eBay is too much work for you, you already saved hundreds of dollars by not putting money into something that you don’t really want to do.

The price is only $29.

Buy Now

If you are still not sure, please download my eBay Startup Free Report, which is a small section of the book and will give you instant data that will help you increase your eBay sales.

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