You Can Learn To Sell On eBay

A few weeks ago I was a complete eBay beginner. I had never even bought anything from eBay. Still, it only took me a couple of weeks to learn how to sell on eBay and how to do it successful.

I spent a couple of months looking for a job unsuccessfully. Together with my wife we had $25,000 in debts when we signed up for an eBay coaching service. The fee of that brought our debts up to $30,000. The coaching sent us into the right direction, but the prospect of taking a several months to start making money just wasn’t workable. Therefore I threw myself into the depths of the internet to find a faster way to do it.

We had a few hundred dollars of cash and we had to make money before that ran out. Not paying our minimum payments on our credit cards was not an option. We literally had 3 weeks before our resources would run out and it would all be over.

My plan was to buy some merchandise, get some sales going and even if not making any profits, if we could at least break even on the sales, we would use the incoming money to pay our credit card minimum payments and thereby buy some more time. We were dancing on the edge (we still are).

We started our adventure on 16 February 2017. Today it is 8 March and we actually made our first $1,000 in sales. I started out going to a garage sale and a thrift shop. I pulled out my Android phone, literally typed the items into the eBay app, checked on the sold listing price and was looking for something to sell.

I found a pre-workout supplement called PPK, I bought 3 of them for $8 and listed them for $35, about $15 dollar below its eBay price. One sold for $30, the other two for $35. I found some of the stuff, like a board game and an MSM supplement has not sold yet.

Then we went to TJ Maxx to look for red label clearance items. We spent 4 hours and about $200 on some discount designer clothes and handbags. These did not sell. Then we listed some items from a drop shipping website, that did not work either.

We kept going back into the thrift store, my wife scanning products’ barcodes with her iPhone and me using my Android. However this was too much work and was not bringing results, so I looked for another source of goods.

We started to buy bulk merchandise, customer returns from a liquidation company. These were the first three cases that we bought:

1 Mar 2017, 45 items, Headphones and electronics, cost $202.25

3 Mar 2017, 150 items, Designer ties, cost $145.25

7 Mar 2017, 41 items, Tablets and electronics, cost $334.91

As of tonight, 8 March, from the first lot I made back $100 more than what I spent. I sold several headphones, a Lenovo dock, a pair of fans and a microphone, some on eBay, some locally. I still have a bunch of smaller items left.

The ties were not so hot, I sold a Donald Trump tie for $25 and another pair for $6 locally. The competition is very strong and I misjudged it. I am sure I will sell them over time, but it will take a while.

The third lot I put up 24 hours ago and I made $100 profit by selling a Lenovo tablet the same night. I have about 7 more various tablets left at different prices and a bunch of other electronics, about 38 total, because I had to trash 2 of them.

I will be linking from these page the updates as I go.

After a month of adventure I can assure you that you can learn how to sell on eBay, it is not that difficult. I wrote a free report to help you with your sales.

** UPDATE ** 16 March
We ended our first month with around $1,300 in sales and our seller limits were just increased, we have a combined seller limit of 195, up from 55, and we are planning to triple our sales in our second month!

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